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          Dear user! If you need technical data of product selection, please consult 022-58515081, and you will be transferred to the technical specialist for detailed answers. Our company is the only trademark owner of "Tianjian" and "TSRM Tianxing". Please recognize the trademark and beware of counterfeiting!
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          Tianjian takes the well-known trademarks of "Tianjian" and "TSRM Tianxing" as its brand, restructures according to the modern enterprise system, discards the inferior and retains the superior, establishes a new high-end reducer manufacturing base in 2015, and realizes the strategic transformation with international competitiveness. In 2021, it was evaluated as a national user satisfactory product in the reducer industry for the eighth time in a row. The company has set up direct offices in various regions in China. The products of the Ministry of foreign trade have been exported to Southeast Asia, Australia, Japan, Western Europe and North America, and have been highly praised by most high-end supporting users at home and abroad. The company continues to inherit the industry heritage of 60 years, Relying on technical strength, quality advantages and professional skills, we will gradually build a modern reducer production enterprise with its own development characteristics, independent innovative products and core competitiveness.

          The special material and heat treatment process processing accuracy of the core components of the product create the stability of performance, and it is very durable without regular maintenance. It has higher product load in similar products. Even under the most severe application conditions, its design, material and production quality can ensure long service life and high reliability, and greatly reduce the maintenance cost.

          Our company has participated in the construction of many domestic key projects, such as the Three Gorges power station construction project, the South-to-North Water Transfer Project, the Qinghai Tibet railway, etc. In addition, it also provides reliable transmission system solutions for many customers such as Gezhouba power station, Meizhouwan petrochemical project, Hebei and Tianjin Iron and steel companies. The company's products are expressed in many fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, metal, metallurgy, pulping, papermaking, shipbuilding, automobile industry, power industry automation and building system. Introduce advanced equipment such as gear testing center in Germany, horizontal machining center in Japan, forming grinder, CNC gear hobbing machine, CNC gear grinding machine and turning center in Taiwan, introduce lean management mode, and build a high-end platform for industrial upgrading of Tianjian transmission with comprehensive optimization of production process.

          Shanghai Baosteel's key projects, beverage machinery and equipment, power generation and electric dust removal equipment, non-ferrous metallurgy equipment, road construction and maintenance machinery and equipment, bridge building machinery and equipment, flour machinery and equipment, ship equipment, canned food machinery, concrete mixing plant equipment, slaughtering machinery and equipment, tunnel machinery and equipment, Textile machinery and equipment, port hoisting machinery, TV Tower and hotel rotating restaurant equipment, wind power generation equipment, 1700 rolling mill project of Wuhan Iron and steel company, engineering construction machinery, convenient food equipment, rubber, ceramics, building materials equipment, medicine, food, chemical industry, pressure vessels and mixing equipment, Mechanical support for radar antenna, food processing, grain processing, light industry, pharmaceutical industry, oil pumping unit equipment, color glass equipment for glass shell factory, India: color TV production line support, automobile manufacturer equipment support, Thailand and Pakistan: power equipment support, refinery oil refining equipment support, Singapore: food machinery, pharmaceutical machinery equipment support, Industrial washing machine equipment, port machinery in Germany, Italy, Britain and Japan, paper washing machine equipment, Canada and the United States: wood processing machinery, color steel equipment production line. The company introduces advanced equipment such as gear testing center in Germany, horizontal machining center in Japan, forming grinder, CNC hobbing machine, CNC gear grinding machine and turning center in Taiwan, introduces lean management mode, and sets up a high-end platform for industrial upgrading with the comprehensive optimization of production process.

          Tianjian has four series of products with tens of thousands of specifications, including cycloid reducer, gear reducer, special reducer for machine construction and electric roller.

          Tianjian will continue to adhere to the concept of quality assurance and customer first, strive to realize its commitment to provide customers with all-round, high-quality and systematic services, and continue to cooperate wholeheartedly with new and old customers to achieve win-win results.