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          Dear user! If you need technical data of product selection, please consult 022-58515081, and you will be transferred to the technical specialist for detailed answers. Our company is the only trademark owner of "Tianjian" and "TSRM Tianxing". Please recognize the trademark and beware of counterfeiting!
          corporate culture
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          Over the years, the enterprise has always followed the spirit of "enterprising, realistic and strict innovation", developed rapidly, and actively carried out extensive foreign exchanges and cooperation with the purpose of "all for the sake of users" as the purpose of various work decisions of the enterprise. It has established a good reputation at home and abroad, which is recognized by the majority of customers. The smile of customer praise makes us feel proud. Customer support makes us realize the source of our ideals. Facing the opportunities and challenges, we will continue to sincerely cooperate with customers at home and abroad to seek great cause and create brilliance.

          Gather strength and develop steadily

          Advanced numerical control, CO plastic products

          Precision control, excellent quality

          Strive for perfection