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          Dear user! If you need technical data of product selection, please consult 022-58515081, and you will be transferred to the technical specialist for detailed answers. Our company is the only trademark owner of "Tianjian" and "TSRM Tianxing". Please recognize the trademark and beware of counterfeiting!
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          Tianjin headquarters telephone:


          After sale:022-58515080




          The company has direct offices in all major regions. Please consult the switchboard for detailed contact information

          Address: South plant area (Weisi Road, Airport Economic Zone, Tianjin)

          North plant area (1st branch road, Jingjing Road, Gaoxin Avenue, Beichen Development Zone, Tianjin, China)

          Welcome to trade with our company. Tianjian will provide you with high-quality products and services and try its best to meet your requirements!