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          Energy saving and environmental protection road of refinement of reducer development elements
          發布人:總管理員 發布日期:2019-03-25 12:55
          With the scarcity of all kinds of energy, energy conservation and environmental protection has become a common topic all over the world. In recent years, China has also abandoned the previous extensive development, actively sought a sound and rapid mode of economic growth, and is committed to building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society. As the basic industry in China's industry, the reducer industry has formed a relatively mature industry system. Under the background of fully advocating energy conservation and emission reduction in industrial production, the reducer industry should also save energy as much as possible, make full use of production resources, reduce waste emission and realize the national standard of energy conservation and emission reduction. The reducer industry takes the road of energy conservation and emission reduction, which is not only reflected in cleaner production and energy-saving production, but also reflected in the reducer products. Although China's reducer products have been relatively mature, there is still a certain gap in design and performance compared with European and American high-end products. At present, the development trend of motor in the world is simplification and lightweight, and China's reducer motor is obviously much larger than the internationally common motor. Such a motor will not only increase the consumption of raw materials during manufacturing, but also consume more power, which obviously does not meet the standards of energy conservation and emission reduction. At the same time, because the volume of the motor is too large, the volume of the reducer will certainly be larger. Because the volume and weight of the accessories are large, such a reducer will consume more energy. Therefore, for energy conservation and emission reduction, we must optimize the design of the reducer and improve the energy conversion rate of the reducer, so as to make the reducer more power-saving in application and realize energy conservation and emission reduction.