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          China has become the main battlefield of reducer in the world, and the industry is transforming in three directions
          發布人:總管理員 發布日期:2019-03-25 12:55

          Driven by the continuous national macro-control, China's reducer industry has gradually developed into the main battlefield of the international reducer industry. China is currently in a transition period of economic and social development, and the reducer industry, as an earlier "old industry" in China, is bound to set a certain example to promote the smooth transformation of China's economic and social development.

          Benefiting from the deepening of industrialization and urbanization and the state's attention to the machinery manufacturing industry, the reducer industry is one of the basic equipment industries in China. At the same time, China's economic development has entered a period of in-depth adjustment, and the reducer industry has also entered the transformation and upgrading.

          On June 19, 2016, four high-precision reducers independently developed by domestic enterprises, including cycloid envelope precision reducer, harmonic reducer, cycloid steel ball reducer and wheel motor reducer, competed with international high-end robot reducer at Shanghai International gear transmission equipment exhibition.

          This is a major breakthrough in the field of domestic precision reducer. As an essential transmission equipment in modernization, reducer is applied in various industries.

          The promotion of downstream industries to the development of reducer industry

          The downstream application industries of reducer mainly include lifting and transportation, cement and building materials, heavy mining, metallurgy, electric power, aviation and marine and other fields of national economy and national defense industry. Due to the strength of downstream market, the development of China's reducer industry is awesome.

          1. Demand and Prospect of reducer in hoisting and transportation equipment industry

          China's hoisting and transportation equipment manufacturing industry is facing good development opportunities. The accelerated implementation of urbanization has led to a huge demand for mechanical equipment in urban infrastructure construction, which has created a good macro environment for the development of hoisting and transportation equipment manufacturing enterprises.

          Hoisting and transportation equipment is the most widely used industry of reducer. The development speed of this industry directly affects the growth of reducer market demand. It is expected that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, China's hoisting and transportation equipment manufacturing industry will continue to maintain the momentum of rapid growth. Benefiting from this, the demand for reducer will also be effectively driven.

          2. Demand and Prospect of reducer in cement machinery industry

          Cement machinery is an important industry to revitalize the cement industry. With the increase of national policy support for infrastructure construction and macro-control of cement industry, the demand growth space of cement machinery market will be broader, and the cement machinery industry will develop in a more reasonable direction. Reducer is the second largest type of general mechanical equipment used in cement machinery, and its market outlook will continue to rise with the strong demand of cement machinery industry.

          3. Demand and Prospect of reducer in metallurgical machinery industry

          In recent years, under the guidance of national macro-control, the iron and steel industry has strictly controlled the total capacity, accelerated the elimination of backward capacity and strictly controlled new capacity. After a long-term extensive expansion, the iron and steel industry urgently needs to speed up structural adjustment and industrial upgrading. This adjustment has brought challenges and market opportunities to the metallurgical heavy machinery manufacturing industry, especially the high-tech high-end equipment manufacturing industry.

          Overall, opportunities outweigh challenges. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, environmental protection and large and efficient steel smelting equipment will usher in a new round of rapid growth. As an important supporting product of metallurgical equipment, the demand of reducer in metallurgical equipment will also be effectively driven.

          4. Demand and Prospect of reducer in robot industry

          The robot industry is the most watched industry at present, and there is no need to say much about its development space. Precision reducer is the most critical functional component in industrial robot and a crucial application link in robot industry chain.

          According to the prediction of national authoritative departments, from 2015 to 2018, the new demand of industrial robots for speed reducers in China will reach 236000 sets, 296000 sets, 369000 sets and 462000 sets respectively. In addition, for industrial robots retained in the domestic market, according to the general service life of 8 ~ 10 years, the domestic market demand for precision reducers will exceed 1 million units in the future, and the annual market sales will exceed 10 billion yuan.

          China has become the main battlefield of the international reducer industry

          After more than 40 years of market development, China's reducer products have developed from the original single cycloidal reducer to the current gear reducer, worm gear reducer, etc., and are widely used in various fields of the national economy, such as electric machinery, metallurgical machinery, environmental protection machinery, chemical machinery, food machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, water conservancy machinery, etc, Favored by the market.

          After the joint efforts of several generations, China's reducer industry has formed a huge industrial scale. At present, China's reducer products not only meet the needs of the domestic mainstream market, but also are exported abroad, and occupy a certain position in the international market. It can be said that China is famous at home and abroad. China has become a large reducer manufacturing country in the world.

          Driven by the continuous national macro-control, China's reducer industry has gradually developed into the main battlefield of the international reducer industry. World famous enterprises have entered China's Reducer Market, and have launched fierce competition with domestic reducer enterprises with the advantages of excellent brand, strong capital, advanced technology and equipment. However, domestic enterprises mainly engaged in the production of general reducer have less involvement in the field of industrial special reducer, and the industrial technology is not mature. Therefore, in the competition with foreign advanced enterprises, if Chinese reducer enterprises want to occupy the leading position in the market competition, they still need to go through a long period of market honing.

          The slow recovery of the world economy makes the global consumer market active again. At the same time, the manifestation of the effect of China's macroeconomic policies and the continuous strengthening of infrastructure investment will drive the substantial growth of the demand for speed reducers in metallurgy, electric power, construction machinery and other industries.

          Three directions of reducer transformation in China

          China is currently in a transition period of economic and social development, and the reducer industry, as an earlier "old industry" in China, is bound to set a certain example to promote the smooth transformation of China's economic and social development.

          The transformation of China's reducer industry can start in the following three directions:

          First of all, with the national support for green and environment-friendly reducer, the transformation of reducer industry should pay attention to the establishment and improvement of innovation system and mechanism, adhere to the fine and recycling of chemical industry, intelligent and high-end equipment manufacturing industry, biological and serialization of pharmaceutical industry, and high-end and integration of emerging industries, so as to jointly promote the healthy and efficient development of the industry.

          Secondly, reducer enterprises should strengthen cooperation with large enterprises and consortia at home and abroad. At present, the foreign economic situation is not optimistic. Innovative reducer enterprises should take large and good projects as the support, continue to increase investment in technology and specially assigned personnel, and constantly form the development strategy of "attracting large projects, cultivating large enterprises, gathering large industries and building large parks".

          Finally, the industry should cultivate brands and apply for patents, and speed up the construction of a soft environment for transformation, upgrading and innovation and development. The mechanical transmission device industry in various fields of reducer and civil economy involves product categories, including various gear reducers, planetary reducers and worm reducers, including various special transmission devices, speed increasing devices, speed regulating devices, and various composite transmission devices in flexible transmission devices. The service fields involve metallurgy, color, coal, building materials, ships, water conservancy, electric power Construction machinery and petrochemical industries.

          The development of industry not only requires the coordination of industrial chain and the establishment of innovation system, but also depends on the driving force of leading enterprises. When the power increases gradually and the benign operation capacity is superimposed, the development of the industry will continue to improve and upgrade, and develop healthily and efficiently.