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          How to solve the problem of oil leakage in normal use of reducer
          發布人:總管理員 發布日期:2019-12-10 22:32

          Generally, when we buy brand-new equipment, we need to test it. After confirming that there are no problems, we can put it into use. Tianjin reducer Co., Ltd. also suggests that you should conduct internal inspection every once in a while, especially some seemingly simple oil leakage problems, which are actually reminding us that there may be faults in the reducer. If there is an oil leak, how should we solve it?

          Why is there an oil leak

          Tianjin reducer Co., Ltd. summarized several reasons that may lead to oil leakage. For example, the coaxial accuracy of reducer and driving device is relatively low, which may lead to serious wear of oil seal and bearing. If the equipment is used for a little longer, oil leakage may occur.

          Of course, if the combined gasket itself is used for a long time and there is oxidation, it may also cause oil leakage. Just replace it. If the equipment has no oil leakage before, but the oil leakage occurs because the lubricating oil is replaced. It is also possible that the lubricating oil contains more impurities and poor quality, resulting in the rapid wear of the oil seal. Tianjin reducer Co., Ltd. suggests to use special lubricating oil to avoid impact on subsequent use.

          How to solve the problem of oil leakage

          To solve the problem of oil leakage, we only need to check the oil seal, gasket and o-seal. If these aspects are aging or seriously worn, they can be replaced in time. If there is a problem with the lubricating oil, it is generally necessary to empty the internal lubricating oil. The problem can be solved by replacing the new lubricating oil.